Brazilian Terrier

Brazilian Terrier by Ludax91
The Brazilian Terrier, or Fox Paulistinha, is a relatively tall terrier and one of only two worldwide recognized native breeds of Brazil, the other being the Brazilian Mastiff.

Its ancestor is believed to be the Jack Russell Terrier, which was brought to Brazil in the 19th century and crossed with the Miniature Pinscher, Chihuahua and Portuguese Podengo.

Height:  Male: 14–16 inches (35–40 cm) Female: 13–15 inches (33–38 cm)
Weight: Male: 14–22 lbs (6.5–10 kg) Female: 14–22 lbs (6.5–10 kg)
Coat Type: Short, smooth and dense.
Color: Black & White, Tricolor, Blue & White.
Life span: 12-14 years

Temperament: Affectionate, Fun, Restless, Alert, Keen, Friendly, Active, Gentle.

Health Problems: Healthy and hardy breed. Some may be susceptible to hip dysplasia, luxating patella, eye problems, orthopedic problems, ear infections, and skin allergies.

Special Interest:
• Also known as the Terrier Brasileiro.
• Somewhat resembles the Smooth Fox Terrier.
• Hunts either alone or in a pack.

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