Molossus of Epirus

Molossus of Epirus
The Molossus of Epirus is a large, ancient livestock guardian dog that has existed since 450 BC and was bred in the ancient kingdom of Epirus located in what are now parts of northwest Greece, Macedonia, Albania, and Montenegro. These tough and courageous animals have been used traditionally to protect sheep from bears and wolves.

The few that remain in Greece are the last descendants of the legendary Molossus that was incorporated into the armies of Alexander the Great and the Roman Empire. There are actually two types of the Greek Molossus – the sheep herding Molossus of Epirus and the the faster, more athletic Suliot Dog of Epris that was used to hunt wild boar.

While the Molossus of Epirus is recognized by the Kennel Club of Greece, the Suliot Dog of Epris standard is not and nearing extinction.

Weight: Male: 99–143 lb (45–65 kg) Female: 88–132 lb (40–60 kg)
Height: Male: 26-29.5 in (66-75 cm) Female: 25.2-29.1 (64-74 cm)
Coat: Fine, smooth.
Color: Mixture of brown and black. Some with white patches.
Life span: 12–15 years

Temperament: Loyal, Bold, Fearless, Wary of Strangers.

Health: May be susceptible to bloat and hip dysplasia.

Special Interest:

• Renaissance Italians believed it was the ancestor of the Neapolitan Mastiff and Cane Corso.

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