Field Spaniel

Field Spaniel by Pleple2000
The Field Spaniel is a beautiful and noble medium sized sporting dog. Its body is longer than it is tall, it has long ears which set low and gentle, serious almond shaped eyes. The neck is long and lean; the body athletic and the Field Spaniel’s coat is beautifully glossy and moderately long.

At one time in history, Field Spaniels and Cocker Spaniels were of the same breed – with weight being the only difference. Breeders then tried to improve the Field Spaniel. However, their efforts failed when the outcome was ‘a short-legged, heavy-boned dog, only 12 inches high and weighing as much as 40 pounds.’

After the Field Spaniel Society was reformed in Britain in 1948, breeders worked to improve the breed and eliminate the exaggerations. This was achieved with considerable difficulty by careful crossing of the English Springer Spaniel and English Cocker Spaniel, but the result was a more balanced and good working dog. Mortimer Smith is the person responsible for the beautiful Field Spaniels we have today.

The Field Spaniels breed arrived in the United States in the 1880s and was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1894. This breed is rare – especially in the United States where Cocker and Springer Spaniels enjoy great popularity.

Height: The height of a Field Spaniel is 17–19 inches (43–48 cm)

Weight: The weight for a Field Spaniel is 40–55 lb (18–25 kg) Note: European and United States preference of size limit is different. Europeans have the notion that the ‘bigger the better’ for this breed while the United States prefers just the opposite – ‘the smaller, the better’.

Coat Type: The Field Spaniel’s coat is moderately long, silky and glossy – single coat which is dense and water repellant. Moderate feathering on the underbody, back of legs, buttock, chest and under the tail. Regular brushing or combing should be done once or twice a week. Ears should be kept clean (susceptible to ear infections).

Color: The Field Spaniel’s s coat can be black, liver, golden liver or roan, any permitted to have tri-color markings (tan over the eyes, on the cheeks, feet and pasterns). Bi-color dogs must have roaning or ticking, not clear white. Solid color dogs may have white or roan on the chest.

Temperament: Field Spaniels are very social, playful, active and intelligent. This good natured breed which is unusually docile makes a good family pet. Field Spaniels can wary of strangers, making them a good watch dog, but they are also very sensitive therefore not to used as a guard dog. Field Spaniels need regular exercise (otherwise can become bored and destructive), they like to roam and love to be in the company of people.

Health Problems: Field Spaniels are generally healthy although these dogs are prone to hip dysplasia, thyroid disease and ear infections. The Field Spaniels’ average life expectancy is between 10 – 12 years.

Special Interest:
• Field Spaniels were recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1894.
• There was a time when the Cocker Spaniel and the Field Spaniel were the same breed –
the only difference was their weight.

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