Belgian Laekenois

Belgian Laekenois
The Belgian Laekenois (lak-in-wahis) is a herding and guard dog, and one of the four Belgian shepherd breeds (the others are the Malinois, Tervuren and Groenendael).

The Belgian Laekenois is named for the  Royal Castle of Laeken where they originated herding sheep and guarding linens. They are the oldest and rarest of the four Belgian Shepherds.

Height: Male: 24–26 in (60–66 cm) Female: 22–24 in (56–62 cm)
Weight: Male: 55–66 lbs (25–30 kg) Female: 44–55 lbs (20–25 kg)
Coat Type: Intermixed, woolly coat. Tweedy appearance. Medium length.
Color: Fawn, Black & Tan, Mahogany, Fawn Sable, Red, Red Sable
Life Span: 12-14 years

Temperament: Energetic, Lively, Active, Alert, Protective, Watchful.

Health: Susceptible to hip dysplasia, epilepsy, gastric problems (including bloats and torsions), cataracts, epilepsy, thyroid disease, progressive retinal atrophy (PRA, hip dysplasia, and pannus,

Special Interests:
• Was used in WWl and WWll as a messenger dog.

AKC: Herding Group
ANKC: Group 5 (Working Dogs)
CKC: Group 7 – Herding Dogs
KC (UK): Pastoral
NZKC: Working
UKC: Herding Dogs
FCI: Group 1 Herding dogs, Section 1 Sheepdogs #015b RecommendsBelgian Laekenois shirtLOVE BELGIAN LAEKENOIS T-SHIRT