Basset Fauve de Bretagne

Basset Fauve de BretagneThe Basset Fauve de Bretagne is a small French scenthound, built along the same lines as the Basset Hound, but lighter with longer legs and a rough, wire coat.

Originally from Brittany, The Basset Fauve de Bretagne is used to hunt fox, rabbit, deer and boar.

Weight: 25–35 lbs (11.3–15.8 kg)
Height: 13–15 in ‎(32–38 cm)
Coat: Very rough, fairly short.
Color: Fawn, Wheaten, Red.
Life span: 11–14 years

Temperament:  Affectionate, Sociable, Companionable, Adaptable, Courageous.

Health: A healthy breed with minor health issues. Some reports of cataracts, ear infections, epilepsy, heart problems and kidney problems.

Special Interest:
• Descended from the (extinct) Grand Fauve de Bretagne in the 18th century.

ANKC: Group 4-(Hounds)
KC (UK): Hound
UKC: Scenthounds
FCI: Group 6, Section 1.3 Scenthounds: Small #36 RecommendsGuide to Basset Fauve de BretagneBasset Fauve de Bretagne