Basset Hound

Basset Hound by Bonnie van den Born
The strong, sturdy Basset Hound was developed in France which also explains the origin of the name: in French, “bas” means “low” which describes this short, low-to-the-ground dog perfectly. Most researchers believe that the breed descends from the now-extinct St. Hubert breed, also from France. While the breed did not arrive in England and North America until the late1800s and early 1900s, it has existed in Europe for approximately 300 years. The Basset makes an excellent tracker of hare, rabbit and deer due to his compactness and slick coat; he is able to move through dense bush with relative ease. While he may appear to be a slow-mover at first glance, the Basset Hound is surprisingly athletic and can cover great distances in a short time. Families with a Basset need to provide him with regular exercise, such as a daily walk, to prevent him from becoming obese.

Height: Generally, the Bassets are in the range of 13.5″ to 14″. Ideally though, the height should not exceed 14″, however heights up to 15″ are accepted. Any height at the shoulder blades over 15″ is a disqualification.

Weight: The weight for a Basset Hound can range from 40 to 60 lbs (17.9 – 26.8 kg)

Coat Type: While the skin of Basset Hound may be loose and wrinkled, the actual coat is short, flat and sleek. Colors acceptable to this breed are the same as any acceptable Foxhound color: tan, black, or red, with white markings permissable. A weekly rub-down with a bristle brush or hound-mitt keeps the Basset Hound’s coat clean and healthy.

Temperament: The companionable Basset makes a loyal, gentle and devoted family pet.

Health Problems: Be sure to keep the eyes and extra-long ears of our Basset Hound clean to prevent infection.

Special Interest: Like every other hound-dog, when the Basset Hound catches an interesting scent, he is inclined to track as far and for as long as he can. For this reason, make sure his exercise area is well-maintained and gated. When in public areas, be sure your Basset Hound is obedient to your call and beckon, otherwise keep him leashed.

AKC: Group 2 – Hounds
CKC: Group 2 – Hounds
KC: Sporting – Hound Group
FCI: Group 6
ANKC: Group 4 – Hounds RecommendsGuide to Basset HoundsBasset Hound

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