Plott Hound

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The Plott Hound is an athletic, agile and very courageous hunting dog. Ancestors of this breed were developed in Germany to hunt wild boar. In 1750, several of these dogs were brought to the United States by native German Johannes Plott. Johannes settled in North Carolina and throughout generations, the Plott family bred their legendary hunting dogs which were used to hunt bear.

The Plott Hound is the only breed known to have been developed in North Carolina and in 1989, they were officially recognized as their State Dog. In 1998, The American Kennel Club recognized the Plott as a distinctive breed and in 2007 they were moved into the Hound group.

Height: The height for a male Plott at withers is between 20- 25 inches (50.8 – 63.5 cm) and 20 – 23 inches for a female (50.8 – 58.4 cm). AKC Standard.

Weight: The weight for male Plotts is between 50 – 60 lbs. (22.7 – 27.3 kgs) and for female Plotts – 40 – 55 lbs. (18.2 – 25 kgs). Weight and height should be in proportion. These weight measurements are according to the AKC Standard and are determined based on the Plott breed hunting condition.

Coat Type: The Plott Hound’s coat can be from fine to medium in texture, short, smooth, glossy and thick. There are some Plott Hounds which have a double coat, although rare. The undercoat is shorter than the outer coat, soft and thick. Plott Hounds do not shed much and an occasional brushing or use of a pet glove is all that’s necessary to keep the coat in good condition. Bath only when needed.

Color: The color of the Plott Hound’s coat according to the AKC Standard is any shade of brindle is preferred.

Temperament: Plott Hounds  are swift, courageous, alert and intelligent. This is a loyal breed which makes a good companion and family pet. Plotts are easy to train as they learn quickly. Plott Hounds have great stamina and when hunting, they are known to be fearless and aggressive on game. This breed should be exercised daily – long walks and the opportunity to run free are essential. Keep in mind, Plott Hounds are natural hunting dogs, so if not on a leash, they should be in a secure area.

Health Concerns: Plott Hounds  are generally a very healthy and hardy breed although they are prone to bloat. The average life expectancy of a Plott is between 12 – 14 years.

Special Interest:
• There are six registered UKC Coonhound breeds and the Plott (along with the American Leopard Hound) are the only ones that do not trace their ancestry to the foxhound.
• The Plott Hound is the only breed known to have developed in the state of North Carolina. In 1989, the Plott was officially recognized as the North Carolina State Dog.
• The Plott Hound has a natural treeing instinct.
• The Plott Hound has webbed feet.

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