Norwegian Elkhound

Norwegian Elkhound by Dmitry Guskov
The Norwegian Elkhound is an ancient breed tracing back thousands of years ago. In Western Norway, archaeologists discovered skeletons in Viste Cave which have been linked to a type of Norwegian Elkhound. Viste Cave was inhabited by those of the Stone Age.

The Norwegian Elkhound is a typical Spitz and was used by Scandinavians as a hunting dog of big game such as bear, wolves and moose. These dogs were also used as herders, guardians and trackers. The Norwegian Elkhound is squarely built, medium in size and has amazing stamina. They are known work endless hours every day without tiring. The breed is also recognized for its ability to endure extremely rugged terrain as well as harsh, sub-arctic temperatures. Norwegian Elkhounds are fearless, strong and muscular.

Norwegian Elkhounds have long history of a strong bond with their master. Today they are just as loyal and devoted and are perfect for a family willing to give them plenty of love and attention.

Height: Height at withers for a Norwegian Elkhound dog is 20½ inches (52.1 cm) and for bitches 19½ inches (49.5 cm) ~AKC Standard

Weight: The weight for a Norwegian Elkhound is about 55 pounds (25 kg) and for bitches about 48 pounds. (21.8 kg) ~AKC Standard

Coat Type: The Norwegian Elkhound has a very thick, protective coat. Medium in length, coarse and abundant. The outer coat protects against harsh elements and the dense, soft, wooly undercoat keeps the Norwegian Elkhound warm. Norwegian Elkhounds shed heavily twice a year. The coat does not have a typical ‘doggy odor’.

Color: The Norwegian Elkhound has a gray, black and white coat.

Temperament: Norwegian Elkhounds are fearless, energetic, very loyal and intelligent. This breed is very protective of his family and has a loud bark making them a good guard dog. They can be independent and somewhat stubborn which can be challenging when it comes to training. Norwegian Elkhounds are sensitive and respond best to praise and positive training methods. These dogs are friendly, but can be reserved with strangers. Norwegian Elkhounds need plenty of exercise as they are very energetic – twice a day is ideal. Norwegian Elkhounds are best suited for those willing to give plenty of love, attention and time – all which help these good natured dogs thrive.

Health Concerns: The Norwegian Elkhound is generally a healthy breed, although some concerns include: hip dysplasia, PRA (progressive retinal atrophy), kidney problems and cysts.

Special Interest:
• The Norwegian Elkhound is the National Dog of Norway.
• The Norwegian Elkhound has an odorless coat.
• The Norwegian Elkhound is known as ‘Dog of the Vikings’.
• Norwegian Elkhounds were first shown at the Norwegian Hunters’ Association initial show in 1877.
• The Norwegian name for this breed is ‘Norsk Elghund’ which translates to ‘Norwegian moose dog’.

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