English Toy Spaniel

English Toy Spaniel
The English Toy Spaniel is a distinctive toy breed which comes in four varieties: Blenheim, Prince Charles, Ruby, and King Charles. These merry and affectionate little dogs have a long history as being favored by English royalty. They have a characteristic domed head, pushed-in nose, long ears, broad ribcage and large sweet eyes.

The origin of English Toy Spaniels is linked to the east – Japan or possibly ancient China. As to when they arrived in England, it is believed to have been at least a hundred years before the reign of King Charles I. The black and tan type was was a favorite of King Charles II and named after him.

The English Kennel Club only recognized the black and tan King Charles and red and white Blenheim types before 1885. The other two types – the Ruby which is solid red with some white on the head and the Prince Charles which is tri colored- received recognition in 1892. In the early 19th century, the Toy Spaniel breed was bred smaller, with a shortened face, protruding eyes, and a more rounded skull.

English Toy Spaniels arrived in the United States with early settlers in the 19th century and the breed was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1886.

Height: The height for an English Toy Spaniel is about 10 inches (25cm)

Weight: The weight for an English Toy Spaniel is 9-12 pounds (4.1-5.4kg)

Coat Type: The English Toy Spaniel’s coat is long, silky, soft, and wavy. Regular grooming is necessary to avoid matting. The English Toy Spaniel is an average shedder.

Color: The English Toy Spaniel comes in four colors: Blenheim (red and white – which is the most common), The Prince Charles (black, white and tan or known as tricolor), The Ruby (red) and The King Charles (black and tan).

Temperament: English Toy Spaniels are gentle, friendly, affectionate and bright. Willing to please and known to be companion dog. English Toy Spaniels can be shy in unfamiliar situations, however can be very entertaining and humorous with those he knows. English Toy Spaniels are good with children and gets along well with other pets. If left alone too long, they can suffer from separation anxiety. English Toy Spaniels do not need a lot of exercise.

Health Problems: English Toy Spaniels can be prone to patella luxation, heart disease (MVD), respiratory and eye problems and ear infections. The average life span of an English Toy Spaniel is 10 – 12 years.

Special Interest:
• The English Toy Spaniel was recognized as a breed in 1886 by the The American Kennel Club.
• The AKC recognizes the English Toy Spaniel and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel as two separate breeds.
• English Toy Spaniels were bred to be companion dogs, however, they were also known to be good hunters, especially of woodcock.
• In 1885, a small group of devotees of this breed started the Toy Spaniel Club, however, the name officially became the King Charles Spaniel Club per request to the Kennel Club by the King.

AKC: Toy Group
ANKC: Not recognized
CKC: Gundog
FCI: Group 9 – Section 7 – English Toy Spaniels
KC: Toy
UKC: Companion Breeds

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