English Foxhound

English Foxhound by Flickr user Thowra UK
The English Foxhound is a medium-sized dog with a powerful build. The skull is wide, muzzle and neck both long. The ears hang low next to the cheeks. The brow is well-defined and the brown eyes have a sweet, gentle expression. English Foxhounds are friendly and active with a reputation of being bold and passionate hunters.

The Masters of Foxhounds Association’s well documented records make these dogs the longest pedigreed breed. Their published stud books indicate the English Foxhound’s roots date back before 1800 in Great Britain.

The English Foxhound has always been in used in packs for fox hunting on horseback – the English fashion of riding to hounds. It is believed this breed was developed by crossing with other hounds and then with the Greyhound, the Bulldog, and the Fox Terrier. English Foxhounds have a very keen sense of smell and stamina to run along with horses for hours.

The exact date of when English Foxhounds were imported to America is not known. And while entries in the English Foxhound Stud Book of America date back to 1890, there are also records which indicate this breed was imported much earlier – perhaps twenty years before that time. The first English Foxhound registered by the AKC in 1909 was named ‘Auditor’.

Height: The height of a English Foxhound is 21 to 25 in. (53.3–63.5 cm)

Weight: The weigh to a English Foxhound is 60 to 70 lb (27.2–31.8 kg)

Coat Type: The English Foxhound’s coat is short, dense, hard, and glossy. Grooming is easily done by an occasional brushing, combing and shampoo only when necessary. The English Foxhound is an average shedder.

Color: The color of English Foxhound’s coat is generally unimportant – that is as long as it is considered to be an appropriate “hound color.” Common hound colors are black, tan and white or any combination of these three. Also yellow or tan.

Temperament: The English Foxhound is a gentle, friendly and active dog which does best in a country living environment where it is free to roam. Because of its history of working in packs, these dogs get along with other pets, especially horses. They are also good with children. Training the English Foxhound takes patience. English Foxhounds likes to bay.

Health Problems: The English Foxhound is generally a healthy breed. On occasion, these health issues are seen: renal disease, chronic hip dysplasia and epilepsy. The average life span of a English Foxhound is 10 -13 years.

Special Interest:
• The English Foxhound the longest pedigreed breed.
• The English Foxhound was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1909.

AKC: Hound Group
ANKC: Group 4 – Hounds
CKC: Hound
FCI: Group 6 Section 1- Scenthounds
KC: Hound Group
NZKC: Hound
UKC: Scenthounds

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