Brittany by Pharaoh Hound
The Brittany, also known as the Epagneul Breton and formerly as the Brittany Spaniel, is mainly a pointing dog. It most likely originated from a cross between the English Setter and the French land spaniels; the name comes from its area of development, Brittany, France.

During the middle of the 19th Century, Breton peasants wanted a dog with pointing and retrieving abilities that worked capably in both open country and in dense brush. The Brittany had all of these abilities and was a popular hunting dog throughout the province. The breed was first exhibited in Paris in 1900, and within the next 30 years, was officially recognized in North America as demand and interest in the Brittany steadily increased. Families of all kinds will enjoy the busy Brittany and should provide him with exercise every day.

Height: The height for a Brittany is 17 – 21″ (43.2 – 53.3cm)

Weight: The weight for a Brittany is 30 – 40 lbs (13.4 – 17.9 kg)

Coat Type: The Brittany’s coat is dense, like that of many other sporting breeds, to protect against weather and the hunting environment. The hair lies flat and may be straight or slightly wavy, but not curly. Acceptable colors include orange and white, liver and white, and black and white. Grooming is a regular, but easy task with the Brittany breed.

Temperament: Brittanys are lively and energetic dogs, making great companions in the home, and super sporting dogs in the field.

Health Problems: The Brittany is a generally a very healthy breed, although they can be prone to hip dysplasia and epilepsy. The average life span of a Brittany is 14 – 15 years.

Special Interest: When the Brittany breed standard was developed, breeders were determined that the breed should perform as well in the field as in the ring. They did not want the breed split into ring and field categories, as was the case for many other sporting breeds. As a result, the Brittany has claimed more dual championships than any other sporting breed.

AKC: Group 1 – Sporting Dogs
ANKC: Group 3 – Gundogs
CKC: Group 1 – Sporting Dogs
FCI: Group 7 Section 1.2 Spaniel type
KC: Sporting – Gundog Group
NZKC: Gundog
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