Boerboel by Smok Bazyli
The Boerboel (boo-er-bool) is a large, mastiff-type breed from South Africa that is one of the most powerful dogs in the world with a bite force of 800 PSI (a Siberian Tiger has a bite force of 950 PSI). They are the only South African breed created to defend the homestead and will engage a lion.

The Boerboel’s origins date back to 1652 when Jan van Riebeeck’s ship docked in Cape Town with a Bullenbijter (Dutch slang for Bulldog).  Theory has it that the Boerboel is a mixture of native and imported breeds that inhabited military posts throughout South Africa, but hunters have known for hundreds of years that the best dog for hunting leopards and baboons is a cross between a mastiff and a bulldog – which would look similar to a Boerboel.

Because of their power and ferocity, some countries have banned the possession or importation of Boerboels.

Weight: Male: 140–200 lbs (65–90 kg) Female: 110–140 lbs (50–65 kg)
Height: Male: 25–28 inches (64–70 cm), Female: 23–26 inches (59–65 cm)
Coat: Short, dense, soft, smooth, and shiny
Color: Black, Brindle, Piebald, Fawn, Cream, Mahogany, Brown, Red.
Life span: 10–12 years

Temperament: Obedient, Intelligent, Confident, Dominant, Territorial.

Health: Healthy breed, but may be susceptible to hip or elbow dysplasia, vaginal hyperplasia, ectropion, and entropion.

Special Interest:
• Banned in Denmark, France, Malaysia, Qatar, Switzerland, Mauritius, Bermuda.
• Can no longer be imported into Romania, Singapore, Tunisia, Faroe Islands, Turks & Caicos.

AKC: Working
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