Austrian Black and Tan Hound

Austrian Black and Tan Hound by Steffen Heinz (Caronna)
The Austrian Black and Tan Hound, or Brandlbracke, is a scenthound originating in Austria that is primarily used for tracking wounded game in high altitudes.

Believed to be descended from the ancient Celtic Hound, there is no documentation of the breed prior to the 19th century.

Weight: Female: 35–60 lbs (16–27 kg) Male: 35–60 lbs (16–27 kg)
Height: Female: 19–21 inches (48–54 cm) Male: 20–22 inches (50–56 cm)
Coat: Smooth, dense, and short.
Color: Black with light fawn or tan markings.
Life span: 12-14 years

Temperament: Good-natured, Keen, Elegant, Agreeable.

Health: Healthy breed. Some may be susceptible to hip dysplasia.

Special Interest:

• Also known as the Österreichische Glatthaarige, Bracke, Austrian Smooth-haired Hound and Doggenwuffen.
• Nicknamed Vieraugli (“four eyes”) due to fawn marking over each eye.

UKC: Scenthound
FCI: Group 6, Section 1.2 Scenthounds: Medium-sized #63 RecommendsI Love My Austrian Black and Tan HoundI LOVE MY AUSTRIAN BLACK AND TAN HOUND