American Leopard Hound

American Leopard Hound
The American Leopard Hound is descended from crosses between dogs brought to the New World by Spanish conquistadors and native dogs of Mexico. It was later brought to the United States by settlers who used it to hunt hogs.  Originally named the American Leopard Cur in 1960, the name was changed to the American Leopard Hound in 2008.

Weight: 35-75 lb
Height: 21–27 in
Coat: Short and smooth.
Color: Blue, black, mouse, red, yellow, brindle, with white or other color of spotting.
Life span: 12–15 years

Temperament: Athletic, playful and protective.

Health: The American Leopard Hound is a hardy breed with no serious health issues. Minor health issues include Deafness and Cryptorchidism.

Special Interest:
• The American Leopard Hound is skilled at climbing trees.
• The American Leopard Hound has a double coat.

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