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Old 02-08-2015, 05:30 PM
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Default New Adult German Shepherd

Hi, we just got an adult German Shepherd. He's 3 years old and a friend of a friend wasn't able to take him where they were moving to so we took him in. He is a pure bred German Shepherd but one thing I'm concerned about is his size. I don't mean weight, he seems to be a healthy weight. He is very bony at the ribs and spine. He isn't emaciated, you can't see it through his fur or anything and he has plenty of energy. If you pet on his side, you can easily feel his ribs and his spine seems to be very elevated. We were told he has a weakened immune system due to something (I don't remember currently) that happened as a pup. We were told the only thing we needed to be really concerned about was mites. They said bathing him once a month and giving him Frontline worked for that, though. I just wanted to check with other German Shepherd owners to see. I previously had a dog who was part GS but she wasn't bony like this but it could have definitely been due to her other breeds. We were told also by our friend/middleman in this "transaction" (haha) that the previous owners made him an outside dog after their younger children were born and he was kind of neglected. I just want to know if this is normal before we go to the vet and are told we need to spend so much money to fix it (we will if need be). We've only had him for 48 hours so far and he is super playful and full of energy so I'm not concerned about him being really ill. He is having frequent diarrhea but he just got a new family and home and he is now brother to 3 cats who are terrified and angry with him so it could definitely be stress. We're going to try the pumpkin puree for that. Thanks for your help!
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